Cavalcade Competition Information

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Cavalcade of Bands Competitions 2023 Season

Bloomsburg Marching Panthers Videos and Scores for the 2022 Cavalcade Season

10/15/2022 Williamsport Cavalcade Performance 

10-15-2022 Williamsport Cavalcade 22.MOV
Bloomsburg Area Score Summary - Williamsport - CompetitionSuite.pdf

10/8/2022 Shikellamy Cavalcade Performance 

10-08-2022 Shikellamy Cavalcade.mp4
Bloomsburg Area Score Summary - Shikellamy - CompetitionSuite.pdf

9/17/2022 Shamokin Cavalcade Performance 

Bloomsburg Area Score Summary - Shamokin - CompetitionSuite.pdf

9/10/2022 Bloomsburg Cavalcade Performance 

Bloomsburg Area Score Summary - Bloomsburg Area - CompetitionSuite.pdf

2022 Bloomsburg Cavalcade Score Data

2022 Cavalcade Liberty A Scores.pdf

Cavalcade Judges' Commentary

Listen to the feedback from our judges and use it to better your performance.